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Team Description Team-Chef Team-Chef Stv. Team Mitglieder Vorstand Vorstand Stv.
Team:Admin Admin Team User:Bluetonyum User:Oneon User:Gnrp, User:Raven, User:Ra
Team:Bar Team Bar User:Gnrp
Team:CERT Chaos Emergency Response Team
Team:Content Organizing talks/workshops/etc User:Ra User:Ra
Team:Deko Site Decoration and Lighting User:Calvin User:Sneili
Team:Funding Crowdfunding User:Bluetonyum User:Oneon User:Bluetonyum
Team:Gastro Team Gastro User:Vimja User:Oneon
Team:Lounge Macht die Lounge Area User:Raven User:Couchsofa, Team:Stage, Team:Deko
Team:NOC Network Operation Center User:Oneon User:L3D User:L3D, User:Ra
Team:POC Telephones & DECT User:chris1911
Team:Power Elektrizität auf dem Camp User:Sneli
Team:Promo Promo Team User:Oneon User:Ra User:Pony User:Oneon User:Bluetonyum
Team:ROC Radio Operation Center User:Raven User:Skye
Team:Signs Signs, Personenführung, Beschilderung User:Ra
Team:Stage Veranstaltungstechnik Team User:Raven User:Skye User:Kr0l
Team:Tickets Tickets, Ticketverkauf, Kasse User:Skye User:Raven User:Ra
Team:Video Lecture Recording User:Thorti
Team:Web Team Web User:Ra User:Ra, User:Bluetonyum